NATIONAL KAZOO DAY, (NEARLY ANNUAL MESSAGE FROM BARBARA STEWART) -- For immediate release, January 2006 -- Kazoobie Kazoos Kazoobie Kazoos

National Kazoo Day
January 26 or 28, 2006

(depending on your interpretation, read on...)

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Kazoodaphiles unite! As the old Year fades into history, resolve that in this  New Kazoo Year Americans will make the Kazoo the National Instrument to Keep America Humming! Further, we kazooists must broaden our range and band together internationally for more perfect harmony! The Dutch and the Canadians are kazooing their part -- the Finns, the British and the Russians are all making themselves heard. Now let’s hear from the rest of you...


National Kazoo Day occurs annually (although in some regions, more often) on or about January 28th – or whenever kazooists decide it’s convenient. As stated by founder Chaplain Willard Rahn of the Joyful Noise Kazoo Band at the Homewood Retirement Home in Williamsport, MD, “After all, we have to be flexible.” Many kazooists choose the 4th Thursday in January, which is easy to remember and occurs this year on January 26th. (This year, I personally choose to celebrate on June 28th because it’s handy, but for me every day all year is Kazoo Day.)


This exciting year will mark the milestone May 2006 publication ofThe Complete HowTo Kazoo (Workman Publishing), with new material on “Cyberbanding, Marching Maneuvers, Home and Garden Projects and a host of other essential topics for the musically marginal up through the expert kazooist”.


May 2006 also promises revival of Kazoophony, the world’s largest (5- member) kazoo quartet, if they feel like it. The moment may be now...


Now let’s create the buzz heard round the world. Hang out together or surely we will all be hanging out separately!


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