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National Kazoo Day

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National Kazoo Day
January 28, 2008

Now is the time for all good kazooists
to come to the aid of their country!

As always, National Kazoo Day is on or about
the 28th of January or whenever convenient to the kazooist.
This year, since the 28th falls on a Monday, I am declaring
National Kazoo WEEK to last all week --
or until kazooists decide it is over.

In this American Election Year 2008, all kazooists
are urged to make themselves heard
and support the Kazoo as National Instrument
to Keep America Humming! In a time of violence
and anger in the world, join together to raise your voice
in support of making the kazoo national instrument.

Remember that Yankee Doodle was considered
a silly song, but served the important purpose
of uniting serious patriots. Kazooists can turn
around derision and scorn and bring
serious supporters to our cause as well.
If you can talk, sing or hum, you can kazoo --
so band together for more perfect harmony.

Ask not what you can kazoo for your country
with a Great Kazoo Day (Week, Year or Whatever) to All!

Barbara Stewart
National Chairperson to Keep America Humming


Barbara Stewart is the author of
The Complete How To Kazoo

Here is a printable page with helpful instructions on

How To Play Kazoo

For your non-kazoo-playing friends.

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