National Kazoo Day

January 28, 2010

National Kazoo Week - January 25-31, 2010

A National Kazoo Day Message From
Rick Hubbard
King of Kazoos and Owner of Kazoobie Kazoos

National Kazoo Day 2010 will be celebrated on Thursday, Jan. 28th
which is the fourth Thursday of January.

Most Kazoo aficionados know that National Kazoo Day may be celebrated on January 28,
or the fourth Thursday of January, or any other day during that period deemed convenient by kazooists.

May you all enjoy a HAPPY NEW KAZOO YEAR!

This year we commemorate the 160th birthday of the Kazoo --
an American instrument invented in the 1840s in Macon, GA.
Legend tell us the kazoo was invented by collaboration of
Alabama Vest (American black) and Thaddeus Von Clegg (German-American clockmaker).


Barbara Stewart


International Chairperson and Supreme Kazooist, Barbara Stewart,
is taking some time off,
and we wish her the best in the coming New Year.
We will continue her efforts to bring the recognition
to the kazoo that it so richly deserves.





2009 was a very big kazoo year.

Our Kazoo America website continues the

Campaign to Make the Kazoo America's Official National Instrument

It is time to set aside partisan differences and
unite behind the Kazoo Campaign!
Here is the one non-partisan issue where everyone
can make their voices heard.
After all, kazoos are economically affordable,
often red and blue anyway - and other color variances tolerated,
provided local noise ordinances permit.

Among other features, allows voters to register support.
Since the website was launched in 2008, a remarkable 90.48% have voted
in favor of the kazoo as national instrument, with at least 42 ballots cast.
We project a crescendo of several more votes over the next several decades.





Be assured that poor economy has little effect on kazooists,
since we were never prominent figures in world finance to begin with.
However, it is true that recent accelerations in crude oil prices raised prices
for plastic kazoos by a whopping 70%, and overseas shipping costs have ballooned astronomically.
However, as a major factor to balance this inflationary minor note,
the demand for cost effective music during recession
has actually elevated interest in kazooing.


This year we saw again how kazoo playing can have health benefits.
So if health care reform doesn't work out, consider more kazoo playing.

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